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St. Paul Art Crawl
Fall 2009

RuckerAutumn BiehnHighlandWaterTower ClancyWindmill CunninghamPushingEmpties
Matthew Rucker, poster winner, "Autumn" oil painting Don Beihn, "Highland Water Tower," oil Patrick Clancy, "Windmill," photography Joshua Cunningham, "Pushing Empties," oil
EvanSillyGirl GanzelHarriet Island#60006 GreenMeBabyBrother HartleibWisconsinSky
Barbara Evan, "Silly Girl," oil Pete Ganzel, "Harriet Island Cottonwood," digital photography Kenneth Green, "Me and Baby Brother," mixed media CeCeile Hartleib, "Wisconsin Sky," oil
MaltbyStPaulArtCrawl McGregorMississippiBluffs YokoyamaTwo  
Dana Maltby, " St. Paul Art Crawl," digital photography Tom McGregor, "Mississippi Bluffs," oil Yumi Yokoyama, "Two," oil